About Us

Çukurova Isı (Cukurova Heating Ltd.) had been established in the first quarter of 1991 to serve in the field of industrial heating by means of low intensity radiant heaters, which are generally used to heat large buildings such as factories, aircraft hangers, warehouses that are difficult to heat.

In the course of years, Çukurova Isı Sistemleri has expanded the area of work from low intensity radiant heaters to high intensity radiant heaters, from tubes to ceramics, from gas to electrical ones, from space heating to process heating depending upon the need risen in the market. Çukurova Isı has always been the pioneer in the market and held the leader position.

GOLDSUN is the trademark of Çukurova Isı that is used for high intensity heaters which have been manufactured since the year 2000. Under the brand name of GOLDSUN, Çukurova Isı first started to manufacture electrical high intensity infrared heaters and then gas fired ceramic plaque heaters.

Having the ISO 9001 certificate, Çukurova Isı is very sensitive about the quality of the products manufactured as well as the services provided. Çukurova Isı keeps on developing new products with better quality and better performance by the continuous studies of experienced R&D personnel to meet the additional requirements of the market.

All of the products made by Çukurova carry required certificates driven by the legislations of Turkey and EU. In addition, within the manufacturing facilities, Çukurova Isı pays attention to the Worker Health and Work Safety Regulations in all aspects.


Customer focus is the key word for the company’s structure. Only in this way can all enquiries be processed to provide the rest solutions. Cukurova Isı has focused its sales priority to the customer needs and enquiries, therefore the company structure has been built with a flexibility of production in mind


World wide approved high quality production of modern Turkish industry,
makes us proud to say “MADE in TURKEY”


All the production equipment is in-house, modern and high-tech enabling us to produce consistently and with
safety top quality goods to high standards.


Rather than following the market, in order to be the company that leads the
market, Çukurova Isı creates innovative solutions that maximize energy efficiency. The R&D department of the company is focused on products that maximizes the energy efficiency, minimizing the fuel consumption, thus reducing ever increasing fuel costs.